Only 3 Days!

The countdown has begun…

Only 3 days til the 1st Annual Silver Lake Green Fair!

April 23rd, Saturday from 11am-4pm at Sunset & Fountain Parking Lot Behind The Kitchen

There will be Music, Shopping, Information, Drinking, and Fun

This is a CASH event and we encourage you to BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag)

There will also be a bike Valet, a Raffle for Japan Earthquake Relief and other cool stuff!


Go Green Expo

So Peri & I went to the Go Green Expo at the convention center on Saturday.  Really great event, but lots of the booths are for homeowners looking for green remodeling or solar panels.  It is a bit different from what we are doing, but we did hit up a couple vendors for information that we could pass on to you on Saturday!  So along with great things to eat, drink & buy there will be music and lots and lots of information!  Only FOUR DAYS!

Hey Silver Lake Green Fair is in Whole Life Magazine!

So we are right at the top of the page in the Calendar for April. Very cool!

Here Are Some Links!

So we have a band.

Escalator Hill

We have a facebook page & event page

We have vendors, only partial list:

PERI. pure eco rag industry


Clean Living Soap

Phlip ‘N’ Nik

XB’s Inspirational T’s

Rupe’s Natural Stone and Gem Jewelry

Still have room for a few more vendors, so spread the word it’s going to be a blast!

Silver Lake’in it!

I can’t think of a better way to release the day, then by taking a walk around the rez!!

Escalator Hill to Perform!

Local Echo Park Band to Perform at the Green Fair!

Application Deadline Extended

Hey we have gotten a good response but still have a few spots open. So we are extending the application deadline! After that we need to get posters made with all the vendors names and links. We have a band and also have had some comments, so oops, guess it’s Silver Lake not Silverlake.
Well will try to change that for the next updated poster! Spread the word looking for a few green and or local vendors to round out the list!